Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mr. Chocolate

I know its been awhile since I posted anything here. I've been pretty busy... and when I get home I need to entertain my son. By the time everyone is asleep and I tried to use those time to do whatever I need to do from online to processing all my images.. I am just too sleepy to blog. If only my day time job will let me blog. (proxy server BLOCKED all blogs... another reason why I cannot comments....)

This past Tuesday, my buddy William Eng invited me to help him on an event shoot. I've never did an event, so I didn't know what to expect. To sum up my experience, it was fun. Here are a few pictures from the night. This was held at Le Cirque... and I got to photograph and meet Mr. Chocolate himself Jacques Torres! Chocolate was GOOD!!! Thanks Bill for inviting me to a fun event.

Here's a photo of Jacques and me... thx Bill for taking the photo.

I will be posting more pics later this week from Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium and the Cherry Blossom from Brooklyn Botanical Garden...