Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Hey Fat Choi

It's that time of the year. A time to celebrate the tradition and the culture. I love this time of the year. All the food my parents cook that i get to eat. Also get to watch the Lion Dance in Chinatown.. and just celebrate our Lunar New Year. This year is the Year of the Ox, which is my bro's year. YAY!!!! For the first time, I'm gonna have to give out Red Envelope to all the kids.. hehehe!

We had New Year's Eve dinner at out parents tonight. My brother and his family didn't get to join us because they are all sick... Stomach Flu. For sure my niece didn't get it from us. hehehe

Gong hey fat choi everyone... Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

1st Blog of 2009

This is my first blog for 2009. So before I even begin, I like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I know, I know, we are already half way into January. Just been busy being a dad. ok, where should I start?

My family and I spent the 2008 holiday season in Georgia with my wife's (Amanda) family. We started driving on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 evening at 8pm and didn't arrive until about 4pm on Christmas eve. Normally it would take us 16 hours from New York to Georgia, but because we have a kid now and our body are not as young as it used to, we decided to crashed at a Hotel somewhere in Virginia. we did the same on our way back... so much easier and better.

The visit were very nice. Everyone got to see Dylan and he seem to enjoyed himself very much. He got some awesome gifts.. one was a waterproof digital camera. I didn't have the time to check it out yet. I wonder how many megapixel is in that device?!!

We also looked at some land/houses when we were down there. Even spoke with a loaner and got some numbers to play around in our head. I have a weird feeling that this move might happen sometime this summer. As much as I don't want it to happen (A New Yorker all my life - over 30 yrs), I think this move will be good for the family. The amount of land you get for the $$ you pay, you can only get a closet space in New York City. LOL!!!!

We got to see and spent the New Year's Eve with our good friends, Mandy and Justin. They are such an awesome couple. I finally saw their wedding photos. Very nice. Their wedding photographer, Jared Baker got some really cool shots and got a REALLY awesome one of me and Dylan. hmm, need to ask them for it. :D

Oh almost for got to tell you. After arriving in Georgia I had to call Toyota Service because the engine light came on. It turns out the Air filter wasn't install correctly and things went inside the engine. No damage were caused but I will tell you who caused all this. Juffy Lube on Coney Island Avenue (near 18th Avenue/Ditmas Avenue) in Brooklyn New York. DO NOT GO THERE. I went back the other day and told them what happened, they said I should have let them check the car when the engine light came on. HAHAH!! It was my first time using Juffy Lube and it will be my last. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

After returning from Georgia, Dylan did some damage to the Lo Family. He got sick last Monday. Amanda took the day off to care for him and she ended up getting sick too. Then on Wednesday morning, I got sick and my company had to sent me home early in a cab... and I slept until the next days. When my wife returned home from work and picked up Dylan at my Mom's on Wednesday, she informed me that my mother was also sick. Thursday afternoon we took a trip to Dylan doctor to make sure he was ok and not too dehydrated which he wasnt. YAY!! Finally by Sunday morning I was pretty much back to normal. and I believe my mother got better sometime on Saturday. I just been informed yesterday night that my Dad is now sick too. LOL!!! My bro and sister in law wanted to visit my parents this week. she's planning to tell them not to come just in case germs are still in the air. Crazy week it has been. What we had you might wanted to ask!?! A Stomach Flu. We have no idea how and where Dylan got it. Amanda thinks Dylan got it at Stop & Shop on Sunday when we were doing food shopping. I'm just glad I no longer have to spent my time in that toilet. hahahah!

What is my goal for 2009??
1) Love my family - Spend time w/ Amanda and Dylan.
2) Be organized.
3) STOPPED wasting time and just do it.
4) To get more bookings in my 2009 calendar.
5) To provide and give my bride and groom their best wedding day to remember.
6) Save money.
7) Network with more people and other photographers out there. (facebook, Twitter, Forum, or wherever)
8) Improve the lighting skills (photography related)
9) Carry my camera out more and USE IT.
10) Win the lottery?! - but 1st I need to start buying lottery.

As briefly mentioned last year. I'm gonna have two websites up. will be about Wedding Photography, and will be everything else, of course photography related. I am still working on it. Don't have the time, especially when I got sick last week. Hopefully every soon.

Oh I got a new toy today... went out and purchased myself a Netbook. What's a Netbook you asked. well its a laptop, but its not. its a notebook, but its not. A Netbook is a light-weight, low-cost, energy-efficient, highly portable laptop. I got myself Asus EEE PC 1000HA - white. its a 10" screen. Weight about 3lbs with battery attached. Very small and portable. Planning to use this for presentation to the potential client.

Two more weeks, its gonna be Chinese New Year!! YAY!! Another New Year celebration. Oh great, now that I have a kid, it means I have to give out Red envelopes to my friend's kids. Anyway, I'll blog more about that next time.