Thursday, October 30, 2008

Domain Name

When I first started photography, I didn't want to use my name, so a friend and I came up with JKLIMAGERY, JKL being my initinal. I purchased the domain name in 1998 I believe and never looked back. Hmmm, i think next year it's time for renewal

All my life, people has always called me "John Lo" instead of just John. Later I started to introduce myself to other as John Lo.... I even go as far as spelling it as one word, johnlo. Hahaha! I have no idea why or how that came about. It's not like the people I know that i hang out with were name John.

In the last five years, I've been branding myself as John Lo Photography. And since is taken, I decided and finally purchase

You can now use as well as to access my website. For now both names will see the same stuff. Later I will make it into two different site, one for the wedding business and the other just my portfolio gallery.

There is only one johnlo, so it only means one 'johnlo photography'. He's a short Asian guy from new york with a beautiful family and a HUGE heart. :D. So if anybody else out there using johnlo photography, that's not me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Plus Expo in New York

Attending PPE has always been a yearly thing for me. One of my college buddy, Victor works for the Renaissance Albums and it's always nice to see him there. This year was a little different attending PPE. Maybe its because I really got into wedding photography much more then I have in the past.

Lisa drove to NYC with her daugther, Raquel from Ohio to attend the PPE and and of course to see David Jay again. :D I did hang out with the both of them. Fun people to hang with!!! The last time when DJ was in town, I didnt get to take a picture with him, so this time I made sure I got one. Thanks Lisa for taking the picture of us. Look! DJ aint that tall comparing to me. :D

I also had the honor to meet one of the best wedding photographer in the world, Joe Buissink. This guy's stuff is amazing. And listening to his story and seeing some of his images just make me tear. This guy is truly a great artist.

Thanks Lisa for taking these pictures for me.

Dawn Davis has been following my xanga blogs for years - my engagement with Amanda, then our wedding, and now little Dylan. So of course I had to go meet her in person. We chat about family and about Dylan. It was nice talking with Dawn. and of course it was fun just hanging and finally meeting her in person. I am just sad that I forgot to have a picture taken with her. I guess it will have to be done the next time we see each other. Of course I did listen to Bob Davis when he was showing us about Canon E-TTL flash. Thanks Bob. and Nice to meet you too Marie Monte. :) Dylan said "Hi Dawn"

Oh, I cant forget Bill Eng. This guy was sick Friday morning. He txt me to inform me that he cant get out of bed, cuz of 24 hour flu. But after me texting him all morning telling him what they have on the showroom, he decided to show up for few hours. and because of him, i ended up spending money on Boda Bag. :D WOOHOO!!!!

I also bummed into Kenny Kim a few times walking around. He is such a cool guy. Next time I need to hang out with him. I did see a few other photographers who I dont know, but know who they are... and also because they are on my facebook. heheh! Like Gustavo Fernandez, he was updating his status on FB about J Garner speaking while I was standing next to him listen to J Garner too. hehehe!!!!


I got Dylan a new car seat... Thank god he loves it. because he's gonna be sitting on that for the next 4 to 5 years. heheh!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Helen & Brady's Wedding Slideshow (Teaser)

Thank You Bill for shooting with me, you did such an amazing and an awesome job as always.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Day

Since I didn't get to spend my Saturday with my family cuz of the Helen and Brady's wedding. On Sunday we spent our day at the Queens County Farm. We had a lot of fun. Dylan really enjoyed himself as you can see from the pictures below. We didn't bother with the corn maze, maybe next year when Dylan get a little older. I didn't even know we have farms in NYC. Hahaha Good time with the family.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Helen & Brady's Wedding - 10/11/2008

This past weekend I have the honor to photographed Helen & Brady's wedding in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. Before I go into the wedding day, I need to start by telling you how they found me. Early August (or was it late July?) I received an email from this person by the name of Helen. She informed me that her daughter (who is also Helen which I found out later) will be getting married in Prospect Park and wanted to know if I was available on October 11, 2008 and what my rates were. I email her my inform and decided on the package that will best fit them. During that time, Helen and I beging talking about other things in life from myself being a Dad to her becoming first time grandma. I did asked Helen Senior how she find me, she said she googled "Brooklyn Wedding Photographer" and I was right on top of the list. The Power of Goggle and free advertizing. heheh! Anyway a month later, she email me and to inform me that they like to hire me and asked me to give her daugther a call. I got in touch with them and met them for some coffee in Park Slope to talk about their wedding day.

Helen and Brady are two of the most down the earth, most nicest couple I have ever met. They are so casual and earthy people. Such good heart and great friends to have.

I invited Bill Eng to help me with this wedding as my 2nd shooter since Amanda wanted to be home and babysit Dylan. Bill and I got to the park around 1ish and talked about the location of the ceremony. The Ceremony was very small... about 20 people and all family members. The offician for the ceremony was Brady's Uncle, David - and boy, he did a wonderful job with the ceremony.

The reception was held in DUMBO, called the Water Street Restaurant & Lounge. There were about 60 guests..... verylow key type of receptions with good friends and family having fun and celebrating a good day... and of course having open bar, it helps. ;-)

Something normally dont happen... I went into a friend at the wedding reception. Well not actually my friend, more like Amanda's friend from Grad school studying to be a teacher.

I havent finish processing all the images, hopefully will have something by the week end. But here's one photo from the park... Also I like to Thank Bill again for coming to help me out. He really did an awesome job helping me to cover cvertain angles I wasnt able to get...