Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Hey Fat Choi

It's that time of the year. A time to celebrate the tradition and the culture. I love this time of the year. All the food my parents cook that i get to eat. Also get to watch the Lion Dance in Chinatown.. and just celebrate our Lunar New Year. This year is the Year of the Ox, which is my bro's year. YAY!!!! For the first time, I'm gonna have to give out Red Envelope to all the kids.. hehehe!

We had New Year's Eve dinner at out parents tonight. My brother and his family didn't get to join us because they are all sick... Stomach Flu. For sure my niece didn't get it from us. hehehe

Gong hey fat choi everyone... Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!


Lisa B said...

Hey John Lo and family! Happy New Year! Ohh that stupid virus, it hit us again also, now Luke and baby Ami. UGH....we've done the lysol thing and I'm not eating anything heavy till it passes! Hate sickness!

Amanda said...

Happy New Year to all of you!! I hope you had a great celebration!