Monday, February 16, 2009

New Entertainment system

This week Amanda has off from work. School is closed in NYC, the kids are on their Midwinter Recess and the teachers are on vacation. Also this week is WPPI and unfortunately I am unable to attend due to other duty I need to be part of. That's ok. I get to be with my son and I get to play with my new toy. :D

That's right, its Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive. WOOHOO!!! well i still need to buy a blu-Ray movie and see if it will play smooth. I am not used to running Vista. So different from XP. But I can say this HTPC is super fast now.

Here's the spec to my HTPC:
Shuttle SP35P2V2
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0ghz
Asus EAH4550 Radeon HD 4550 512MB
4GB RAM DDR2 800
LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD Drive 6x also DVD Burner
Running Vista Ultimate x64 bit

We finished our taxes for 2008. We are getting back a nice amount of money, and few dollars more for having Dylan.

I just realized I never posted the pictures I took from Chinese New Year few weeks ago. AHHHHH.. I didnt even process them yet.. they are still in the card. I will post them tomorrow.


lisab said...

I wonder where you disappeared to!

How cool, how do you like it?

Amanda said...

Well, I don't know anything about what the specs mean, but I have been thinking of putting a blu-ray on the wish list. I don't have an HD TV, though, so it wouldn't make a difference right? or, would it?

I'm glad you're having a fun week with Amanda and Dylan!

Bill said...

Too bad my company doesn't give out Blu Ray movies....just go got Circuit City!