Tuesday, August 26, 2008

David Jay's Free to Succeed

Yesterday I attending David Jay's Free to Succeed Seminar. It totally ROCK!!! If you haven't hear this man speaks, you better do so. He really made me turn my brain 360 degree.

Jasmine Star was also amazing. Determine is the keyboard to success... and branding is the other of course. heheh!

I also got to meet and chat a few words with Becker. He demo his [B] School to us. Its gonna ROCK!!!!! I cant wait until its officially out.

Kenny Kim was such a nice guy. I email this guy asking him to bring the Boda Bag so i can check it out. Because he was photographing the event, he left the bag with me all night. At the end of the day, i returned it back to him... he responsed. "oh, I totally forgot you had the bag." Now that's trust.

I also got to meet two other photographers Amanda and Lisa.... Have a safe trip home ladies.

Almost forgot to mentioned, my Good Friend Billy boy.


Bill said...

Who is that big guy in the last photo? Doesn't he have a blog as well? Who is he?

Amanda said...

Hey, you mixed up mine and Lisa's blogs! It was great to meet you John (and you Bill), and I hope we'll meet again and get to chat more.

The tour was awesome. It's got me thinking in a whole new way for sure.

Dawn and Bob Davis said...

PROPS to you for being recognized on DJ's newsletters!!!! It was awesome to see!!!!

~ Dawn

johnlo said...

Thank you all.. me very excited about it. and Amanda its fix. Sorry about that. :-)

LeesaB said...

Hey John,

Way to go, i see your famous :-) Dj knows talent when he sees it!