Wednesday, September 3, 2008

David Jay's Newsletter

Today I get David Jay's newsletter..... pretty much letting us know how much he enjoyed FTS Tour and that he has put together a DVD of the tour and T-Shirt if we were interested to buy. As I scroll down, I noticed my pic and my name. I was a little busy, so i didn't really pay too much attention to it. Then it hit me, thats me on his email... why?? So i stopped whatever I was doing and read the email again. WOW!! DJ gave me a PROPS. WOOHOO!!! How cool was that!! I was touch!!! TOTALLY. The last time something similar happened to me was when TechTV (ScreenSaver) contacted me and asked if they can broadcast my website on their show. I was like go right ahead. LOL! that day I got over thousands of hit in 30 minutes. LOL!! sweet!!!! That was almost 10 years ago. Back to DJ's Props to me - I am honored. How I just have to work harder to get to where I wanted to be in my wedding photography business. Also now I really have to do more blogging and networking with other photographers. That should be easy since I LOVE to talk.. and I LOVE to make new friends.

Again DJ, thank you!!!!!

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LeesaB said...

Hey I know you, your famous! Congrats John, that is just awesome!