Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Plus Expo in New York

Attending PPE has always been a yearly thing for me. One of my college buddy, Victor works for the Renaissance Albums and it's always nice to see him there. This year was a little different attending PPE. Maybe its because I really got into wedding photography much more then I have in the past.

Lisa drove to NYC with her daugther, Raquel from Ohio to attend the PPE and and of course to see David Jay again. :D I did hang out with the both of them. Fun people to hang with!!! The last time when DJ was in town, I didnt get to take a picture with him, so this time I made sure I got one. Thanks Lisa for taking the picture of us. Look! DJ aint that tall comparing to me. :D

I also had the honor to meet one of the best wedding photographer in the world, Joe Buissink. This guy's stuff is amazing. And listening to his story and seeing some of his images just make me tear. This guy is truly a great artist.

Thanks Lisa for taking these pictures for me.

Dawn Davis has been following my xanga blogs for years - my engagement with Amanda, then our wedding, and now little Dylan. So of course I had to go meet her in person. We chat about family and about Dylan. It was nice talking with Dawn. and of course it was fun just hanging and finally meeting her in person. I am just sad that I forgot to have a picture taken with her. I guess it will have to be done the next time we see each other. Of course I did listen to Bob Davis when he was showing us about Canon E-TTL flash. Thanks Bob. and Nice to meet you too Marie Monte. :) Dylan said "Hi Dawn"

Oh, I cant forget Bill Eng. This guy was sick Friday morning. He txt me to inform me that he cant get out of bed, cuz of 24 hour flu. But after me texting him all morning telling him what they have on the showroom, he decided to show up for few hours. and because of him, i ended up spending money on Boda Bag. :D WOOHOO!!!!

I also bummed into Kenny Kim a few times walking around. He is such a cool guy. Next time I need to hang out with him. I did see a few other photographers who I dont know, but know who they are... and also because they are on my facebook. heheh! Like Gustavo Fernandez, he was updating his status on FB about J Garner speaking while I was standing next to him listen to J Garner too. hehehe!!!!


I got Dylan a new car seat... Thank god he loves it. because he's gonna be sitting on that for the next 4 to 5 years. heheh!


creationsphotography said...

John those pics look nice, whose your photographer again?

We did have fun, and PPE was fun also! We will do it again

As far as you and DJ, for some money I'll keep my mouth shut on how tall DJ is! :-)

Isnt it crazy how long kids have to stay in those car seats now. Raquel and I joke and say Ami will be in his till he is engaged! LOL

Amanda said...

Sounds like it was an awesome time! I definitely want to try to make it there next year.

Gustavo Fernández said...

Hey John, you should have said hello, was i too into updating my FB on my phone, glad you got a BODA, they rock, see you at WPPI!