Monday, October 13, 2008

Helen & Brady's Wedding - 10/11/2008

This past weekend I have the honor to photographed Helen & Brady's wedding in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York. Before I go into the wedding day, I need to start by telling you how they found me. Early August (or was it late July?) I received an email from this person by the name of Helen. She informed me that her daughter (who is also Helen which I found out later) will be getting married in Prospect Park and wanted to know if I was available on October 11, 2008 and what my rates were. I email her my inform and decided on the package that will best fit them. During that time, Helen and I beging talking about other things in life from myself being a Dad to her becoming first time grandma. I did asked Helen Senior how she find me, she said she googled "Brooklyn Wedding Photographer" and I was right on top of the list. The Power of Goggle and free advertizing. heheh! Anyway a month later, she email me and to inform me that they like to hire me and asked me to give her daugther a call. I got in touch with them and met them for some coffee in Park Slope to talk about their wedding day.

Helen and Brady are two of the most down the earth, most nicest couple I have ever met. They are so casual and earthy people. Such good heart and great friends to have.

I invited Bill Eng to help me with this wedding as my 2nd shooter since Amanda wanted to be home and babysit Dylan. Bill and I got to the park around 1ish and talked about the location of the ceremony. The Ceremony was very small... about 20 people and all family members. The offician for the ceremony was Brady's Uncle, David - and boy, he did a wonderful job with the ceremony.

The reception was held in DUMBO, called the Water Street Restaurant & Lounge. There were about 60 guests..... verylow key type of receptions with good friends and family having fun and celebrating a good day... and of course having open bar, it helps. ;-)

Something normally dont happen... I went into a friend at the wedding reception. Well not actually my friend, more like Amanda's friend from Grad school studying to be a teacher.

I havent finish processing all the images, hopefully will have something by the week end. But here's one photo from the park... Also I like to Thank Bill again for coming to help me out. He really did an awesome job helping me to cover cvertain angles I wasnt able to get...


Bill said...

Thanks John! I had a great time despite having to make sure you didn't make a plunge into that little lake just to get in a shot.

creationsphotography said...

How awesome, sounds like you guys did GREAT! Glad I know I have friends that can shoot so well and care enough to show up early, walk around and make plans! Beautiful shot!

Amanda said...

I love that shot, John. When do we get to see more????? ;)