Friday, September 19, 2008

This Week's Update.

I never realized how much time I don't have anymore ever since my child was born until I look at my blog and noticed I don't post enough. Amanda has been pretty busy at work, so I have been picking Dylan up from my mom. And with Dylan fussing and crying due to teething, I am spending most of my time trying to make him feel comfortable. Not a easy job to do that's for sure.

So this past Sunday we came home after a 4 days weekend in Stone Mountain Georgia for Mandy and Justine's wedding. It was very nice. Totally had an awesome time. Dylan had a white shirt, red vest w/ a black tie on... hehehe! He was so cute and adorable.

I took Monday off from work and gave my mom another day off from Dylan, so my dad can visit his Senior Citizen Center. heheh! I was planning on heading out in the city with Dylan and maybe stop by my office and show him to my boss who still haven't meet Dylan yet. But because Dylan didn't sleep much on Sunday, I decided to put him to sleep instead of a long day out. So I spent the day doing laundry while he was sleeping. I did drive my wife to and from work because I needed the car to pick up my dog, Meko.

About a year ago, I had the honor to photograph Katie & Kenneth's wedding in Aruba. There were a few things that was never completed due to timing of our busy schedule (mainly Prego & then baby). Well tomorrow I will be doing some more photographing, so that we can complete their wedding album. Weather is gonna be nice, so it should be a fun morning.

I really didn't take too much pictures from the wedding, one of the reason was because the host of the church as like a German Nazi. You cant do this, you can do that. Hey I totally know about No Flash Photography in the House of God.... But we cant even stand up to take a pic w/o flash. Because of that I was scare to get yell at. Yes, the lady told this old man to sit down. hahahaha!

Well I don't want to bored you too much. Unfortunately I didn't process any of the images. actually the camera is still in the bag sitting in the living room since I came home on Sunday. hahaha. So looks like the images will be posted tomorrow maybe?! :D

I promised on the next post will be pictures from the trip....


Amanda said...

Sounds like you're a good Daddy, John!! I'll be looking forward to those pictures when you get some spare time!

creationsphotography said...

Your going in the right direction...Keep going keep going and before you know it, Dylan will be grown, and probably have a sister or two!

Can't wait to see the pictures...