Saturday, September 13, 2008

In Stone Mountain/Snellville Georgia

We have a wedding to attend this weekend in Georgia. Normally we drive down here from New York (16 to 18 hrs drive). But because I won two free round trip airfare last christmas from my company, we decided to use it for this trip. Plus with the baby and Amanda being at a new school this year (only asked for one day off). We just figure it would be wise to use it.

Because we flied on the day of 9/11, the flight was very empty. We got to the airport 4 hours early, because I wanted to get a good parking spot in Long Term Parking at LGA, and because we had so much to carry going to security, we didnt want any delay and rush to catch our flight. Unlike JetBlue in JFK, there were no Free Internet access at the American Airline terminal or gate. Since we had so many hours to wait, we decided to pay for it. $9.95 a month for the 1st three month, then $24 thereafter. Note to self, need to cancel after the month is over. It was a very good flight. Dylan did fuss a little, but thats because he was sleepy, but wanted to see everything around him. hehe. We arrived in Atlanta about 9:40pm. Pickup the rental car and drove to our Hotel in Stone Mountain. ...woohoo! Free internet at the Hotel.

Friday morning we rush to Walmart to get some things for the Bridal Shower that my wife is in change of (Matron of Honor). After I dropped her off at the Country Club, I met up with my Father in Law and headed back to the hotel, so he can spent some grandpa time with Dylan. Here's something funny... We were hungry, so we headed to Wendy's for some food. When it was time to pay for the food, I told my father in law, "I got it Dad". The cashier at Wendy looked at me and said, "did you say Dad?" My replied, "yes". She said, "seriously?" I said, "yes seriously" LOL then I said, "its my father in law" LOL. I guess she didnt noticed my chinese redneck or something. HAHAHAH!!

That evening, we had the rehearsal at the Methodist Church in Snellvile, GA. Everyone were saying how cute & handsome Dylan is, and that the combination between Amanda and myself really did an awesome job with him. hehehe! I did went up to introduce myself to Mandy & Justin's wedding photographer, Jared Baker, just so he know who I am. Very nice guy. The Church doesnt allow Flash Photography at all. heheh! I hate that. I guess it is my 1st test to see how I can do without a flash in a church. I didnt bring any of my fast lense. Only have my 24-105 with me on this trip. Guess the ISO will have to be increase to 800 or 1600... and must shoot in RAW. we will see what happen. Its gonna be hard to do much when Dylan will be with me. After the rehearsal, we headed to the Bride's mother place for dinner - Mexican food. YUM YUM!!!!! Later I did give my business card to Jared, just so he has my information, and maybe we can network together and expand our business and industry even wider. Jared is actually a personal friend of the Groom (Justin).

Well today is the wedding day and my wife is about to head over to the Bride's place so they all can get ready to do their girlie thing. The Bride (Mandy) is my wife best friend. They go way back to their college's year at University of Georgia (Bulldogs). Actually Mandy was the Maid of Honor on our wedding. hehehe! well time to get myself ready so I can drive her over. Hopefully I will get some awesome pictures today..


creationsphotography said...

Hey, we miss you, get back soon, but bring us pictures!

D said...

Hey, you must've been at my church! I was also married in a United Methodist Church (in Savannah) and I remember flash photography wasn't allowed their either. Oh us Methodists and our strange methods! LOL!

I have a Snellville blog if you are interested in local news and activities while you are in Snellville.

Bill said...

Pictures pictures pictures!