Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last day before VACATION!!!!!!

I am officially on vacation right now. WOOHOO!!! I'll tell you tomorrow where I will be heading too. hehehe.

Tonight, I had the honor to meet an awesome couple, Helen and Brady who I will be photographing their wedding in October. I met them at Starbucks tonight just to get to know one another. Hopefully I didn't talk them to death. you know me, talk talk talk. It was awesome hanging out with them talking for 45 minutes. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding. It is going to be great. I already have some great ideas where to photograph them.

This morning when I went into my office, I noticed a good amount of photographers (w/ L lenses) standing around in front of my building, taking pics of the building across. At first I didnt know why, then once i noticed the News truck and more PRESS, then it hit me - Lehman Brothers. Very Sad.. how the hell can you loss almost 4 Billion dollars in one quarter?! Oh well! I wonder who's going to buy them out. HSBC maybe???

Well its time for bed. I got an early morning tomorrow (errands) to start before our flight at 7pm.



creationsphotography said...

You can't go on vacation, you have too much work to do! LOL....ENJOY!!!!

Bill said...

Who gave you permission to leave NYC??

Well, have a safe trip! :-P